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Andrea is a voiceover artist, coach, and host of the Mindful (mostly) podcast. We’re impressed by her positive attitude toward life and bomb-ass career portfolio. See Andrea speak at Sunday Showers, a workshop series that celebrates all of the professional milestones in a woman’s life. 

PN: You’ve spent a lot of time with A-list celebrities through your time with iHeartRadio (hello, Shawn Mendez and Cardi B). What’s one common trait that they all share?

AC: Most are regular people, but with irregular lives, bigger entourages and expensive shoes. Some are lovely, some are not. Some don’t feel like doing press, others love it. One thing I always notice is that many of them seem really tired. Being famous, touring, performing and doing press - it’s actually hard work!

PN: You’ve held a lot of different roles in broadcasting – radio show host, TMZ contributor, and voiceover artist, among other things. What has been your favourite role so far and why?

AC: Radio will always be my first love. I was full time on-air every weekday for over 12 years. It’s fun, it’s spontaneous. You’re not just talking, you’re editing, taking calls, operating the board, it’s great. Now though, my love is podcasting and voicework. The radio industry is changing so much and I love the freedom of creating something that is truly mine, and showing others how to do the same.

PN: You’re in front of the mic and camera a lot. How do you deal with the pressure of having to be on?

AC: You just sort of get used to it. But that’s why I actually prefer radio to TV. Less fuss involved. You don’t need the fake lashes and the heals. Jeans and your personality will do.

PN: What is the Mindful (mostly) podcast? Why did you have to start it?

AC: Mindful (mostly) is a podcast for those of us who are mindful... most of the time. It’s wellness, lifestyle, entrepreneurship for the easy-going type. I started it because I wanted to have conversations with people outside of the entertainment world and create a wellness show that was down to earth. Too many are over the top, ya know?

PN: How does the Mindful (mostly) podcast reflect your own lifestyle?

AC: I’m the kinda’ woman who loves to journal, create, dream. But I also love a rowdy laugh, some chips and a drank or three.

PN: How has your personal brand evolved over the years?

AC: I was always a public figure and now I’m living life with my microphone, my new baby Sadie and a cozy home studio. I dream of doing it from a home in the wilderness.

PN: Favourite book?

AC: I always come back to The Urban Farm Handbook which is totally random I know. It’s city-slicker resources for growing, raising, sourcing and preparing what you eat. These people literally raise goats in the city. It must be some weird sort of escapism for me.

Jacqueline Leung