Pressed Team, Two Years Later

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Letter from the Editor.

Our Impressed section is reserved for super talented men and women who make it their mission to create a better world. Their achievements and ambitions leave us wanting more. While we spend our nights writing about complicated, often unhappy and sometimes weird news, our Impressed section inspires us and makes us really hopeful about rising talent. So, I thought it would be nice to turn the spotlight on Pressed itself, because, well, I think we’ve earned it and our future looks oh-so-bright.

ICYMI, this week we’re celebrating our two-year anniversary and what amazes me is that in two very short (feels very long) years, Pressed has accomplished a lot. We’ve added to our Cheat Sheets, we’ve expanded the newsletter (sometimes we pack a punch and bring you six stories), we’ve added a Pressed Picks section to highlight the cool things we don’t always get to talk about, and… have you checked out our Pressed Podcast yet? You should. We added that to our roster this year, too. And, of course, an Alexa Skill because we believe the news should come to you wherever you are.

Excuse us as we pat ourselves on the back. As a company, we’ve done a lot and I recognize we have SO much more to do. But it dawned on me that what I’m impressed with the most is the people behind Pressed News.

First and foremost – the team. It’s rare to be able to gather an exceptional team of talented people in only two years. They rise to the challenge and are always excited about new initiatives and challenges thrown at them.

Our Associate Editor, Alexa, keeps us laughing and challenges us to be our best. Our incredible lineup of writers have so much range and come from such diverse backgrounds; we have researchers, archaeologists, writers and journalists on our team. They break down some of the toughest stories and make them digestible. Gabriella, Celine, Emilie, Julia, and Emily, we are so grateful for you and the hard work you bring to Pressed. We ask a lot from you (explain what’s happening with Doug Ford! Um, Bitcoin? What’s the Russia meddling story about?) and you always come through.

And then there’s our Editor-In-Chief, Jacqueline Leung. The person who continues to impress me with her thoughtfulness, drive and dedication. The person who is courageously speaking to investors, on panels, and podcasts to spread the good news that is Pressed News. Pressed is Jacqueline’s brainchild and her baby. It has become my adopted baby. It’s the thing I think about more often than I should. It has a permanent space in my brain now. As it should. I’m able to do something that I’m passionate about. That seems like a luxury, so I have to check my gratitude often.

Here’s the thing, as many of you know, startups are hard. They are, for the most part, abnormal. There is no corporate structure. You can throw benefits out the door. What lunch breaks? Growing a startup means long days, longer nights, tears, and real moments of self-doubt. But when the rewards come in, they are massive.

When just one reader emails us to tell us how much they love Pressed or enjoyed a story, that gives us more comfort than we can explain. We live for moments like that – the small wins that amount to tremendous joy. This birthday celebration has been a reminder of how much we have grown in a short amount of time and how many people are joining us on this journey – and we are so thankful for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.

I think we’re pretty impressive. We have loyal readers and subscribers from big businesses, universities and corporations from across Canada and the U.S. We have advocates and Pressed ambassadors. We have expanded our partnerships thanks to Lyft, Willful, Drop, Foodora, The Detox Market and many more to come!

Our investors and advisors – family, friends, industry giants – you believe in us. You guide us. What more can we ask for? Thank you.

To wrap up the gratitude, I reached out to the team to ask what impresses them the most about working at Pressed. Here’s what they had to say…

JACQUELINE, Editor-in-Chief

“I’m most impressed by our mission and how, despite the doubts and challenges, our team stays rooted in our mission: to create a more empowered and knowledgeable society by making world issues accessible to all audiences. Can’t wait for year 3!”

JULIA, Writer

“In two words, working with Pressed means being creative and caring; I am encouraged to tell the world’s stories in a way that inspires me, but also speaks to and reaches the people around me. Because of Pressed, words hold a weight I didn’t realize was possible.”   

EMILIE, Writer

“The badass queens who work for Pressed and their incredible side hustle.”

ALEXA, Associate Editor

“Working at Pressed, I’m most impressed by my colleagues’ unwavering dedication to getting great content out to our readers and being innovative about how it’s done. It always amazes me to see our subscribers so engaged and loving how Pressed is changing the news game – it reminds me that so many people are just as passionate about staying informed to effect positive social change.”

EMILY, Writer

“I’m im-Pressed and inspired by how dedicated the ladies I work with are, and I’m proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to changing the way YOU receive your news.”


“I’m most imPRESSED by… how our small but mighty team reaches thousands of readers every morning yet still stays humble.”


Thank you for standing by us and believing that the news is important and it can be taught in 200 words or less.


Managing Editor

Jacqueline Leung